Celebrating Mary Catherine’s birthday today! Since middle school, you have always been one of my best friends, and I am grateful we have been able to get this close. I have continued to enjoy our deep conversations and movie binges; they always make me smile. Thanks for spending so much gas money and coming to my house to pick me up during the times I am down. You are always there for me when I need a friend. Can’t wait to spend more of your birthdays with you!

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Colleen, a few weeks ago, told me what she thought our theme song was for the summer (it is always a current song — mine this summer is Under Pressure (Queen) And Jumper (Third Eye Blind)) — either Rude or Am I Wrong. Last night, we were talking about how Joe is depressed because the girl he likes moved back to Orange County California. Colleen is depressed because her relationship failed when the guy she likes moved to California for a while. And then there’s me who went to Orange County California because my relationship ended and I wanted to get away. So after she vented all night about JP (haha funny another John in our lives), I told her our theme song was Summertime Sadness.

I was taking a walk. Mr. Weadon asked, “did you finally get some sleep? I wasn’t creeping on Joe’s status; I just knew you two couldn’t sleep.” Sometimes I just love how small my neighborhood is. It gets annoying sometimes that we all know so much about each other, but it’s kind of nice at times.


Me at the beach

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